Our customers


The Waterfitters proposal is aimed at all PROFESSIONALS IN THE HYDRAULIC SECTOR and FLUID HANDLING, in particular we refer to:
  • Installers

  • Maintainers

  • Dealers

  • Distributors

  • Companies (OEMs)

We offer a selection of products in continuous expansion and suitable to cover all system requirements. We give our customers the tools to be able to evaluate and compare products according to selection criteria of a technical nature, destination or use, to receive immediate information on their availability and, once the choice has been made, to make the purchase at any time of the day, from anywhere and with full control over the order fulfillment status and delivery times.

Competence and experience allow us to provide a wide and high quality technical database combined with a flexibility and ease of purchase very similar to that of the most well-known online sales sites with in addition everything you need to make an informed choice of the product.