Waterfitters is a professional portal dedicated to the online sale of products for the hydraulic and fluid handling sector. Making purchases is very simple but registration is required. In this paragraph we will try to show you in a simple and quick way how to register and what services we offer to our customers.


The first step to be able to buy on the portal is to create your own account. In a few minutes you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. Once this is done, you will receive a second welcome email with the access credentials to your area.


Once you have received your login credentials, you can click on the link received via email or go to this LOGIN page and enter your codes (email and chosen password).
As soon as you log into the system you will have a dedicated quick menu that will take you to view in addition to personal and company information (addresses and users) also:

  1. Management of multiple trolleys : the system allows you to manage multiple trolleys at the same time (e.g. coming from different companies, branches or business units) in order to guarantee maximum management flexibility.

  2. Request for estimates : at any time and based on particular supply needs (not usual and referable to the price list), you will have the possibility to request a cost estimate. Simply select the products you are interested in, specify the quantity, the unit (piece or package) and also indicate the requested price. The system will also allow you to enter requests for different quantities at different prices for the same product (“add line” function) and to specify any information or specifications in the notes.
    Your request will then be sent to our sales offices who will evaluate your proposal and will send you a reply in a short time.

  3. Quotation history : you will always find all the orders placed online with the possibility of reordering the same as the previous order or possibly duplicating and modifying it in terms of products and quantities.

  4. Order history : if you have never made a quote, the section will not present content but you can create one by clicking on the item "+ New quote" in the top right or by clicking on the menu item on the left "Request for quote".

  5. Quick order creation : Waterfitters offers you several possibilities to create an order quickly without having to scroll through the price list each time or search the entire product database. In particular, the system, through a simple and specific interface, allows you to:
          a) Directly enter the product name or SKU, quantities and units (piece or package) required
          b) Upload a file in .XLS .CSV or .ODF format (you can download the template in one of the formats indicated)
          c) Enter one or more lines in a text area in which to indicate the SKU, quantity and unit (piece or package) separated by a comma and without spaces.
               Example of insertion in the text area (point 5 letter c):
               H202603,10, piece
               H202605,2, pack

  6. Reordering : One of the fastest ways to create a new order, especially if it is habitual and frequent, is to reorder. From the menu select the item "My orders" and on the right of each past order you will find the voice "Reorder". The system will create a new order which is exactly the same as the previous one and will give you the possibility to confirm or modify it by deleting items you no longer want, by inserting new items or by changing quantities and units (single pieces or packs).

  7. Partial Order Management : This advanced functionality allows customers to order both "In stock" (available) and "Out of stock" products (items not available at the time of the order). If the quantities of product requested are in stock in an adequate quantity to satisfy the requests of the order, this will be fully processed.
    In all other cases (quantities not sufficient to fully satisfy the order request or in the case of "Out of stock" products) the system will be able to manage a partial fulfillment of the order, proceed with booking the remaining products and sending them themselves at a later time, subject to agreement with the customer.


When you have registered and your account will be confirmed, after verifying the data entered, you will be associated with a personalized price list that provides discounts on all or some products.
For this reason, when you are logged in, both the listed price (also called "Web price") and the price reserved for you will be visible on the products, all or some. This will immediately highlight the convenience of being a waterfitters customer.
In the event that the personalized price list has not yet been associated with you, it will still be possible to place orders but at the standard list price.


It is possible to place an order only if you are registered (if you are not yet, click here):

Placing an order on the Waterfitters portal is very simple and intuitive
because the search for products to add to the cart can be done in different ways:

  1. Search engine (located at the top above the main menu): you can search by product description, by keywords or directly enter the article code.
  2. Product catalog (menu item): you can browse the entire catalog by product families, categories and sub-categories.
  3. Sectors and applications (menu item): you can browse the products according to their destination or their final use.

Once the products have been selected and added to the cart with the selected quantities and units (piece or package), the system will ask you to indicate the billing information, the method of payment, shipping and delivery. Once the order is confirmed, the customer will have 30 minutes to cancel it, after which it will be confirmed and entered into the system.

We remind you that advance payments will allow you to get an additional discount on the order:
  - Advance Bank Transfer: -4% DISCOUNT
  - Pay Pal or Credit Card: -2% DISCOUNT

Note *: in the case of payment by bank transfer, our staff reserves the right to verify that the amount has been credited. To speed up transaction times and eliminate unnecessary delays due to banking systems, we recommend that you send the transaction report or payment slip via email.