If the delivered product shows any discrepancies with respect to what is indicated on the portal, is damaged in its packaging, external appearance or in its functionality, or you simply want to notify us of a disservice inherent in shipping and delivery, please notify us by filling in and sending the following form to


This method allows us to avoid unnecessary and complex management resulting from the lack of timely information and not entirely adequate reference data. In fact, we give our customers the opportunity to be contacted in a short time by our staff suitably trained and dedicated to solving the problem that has emerged.
After receiving your request, we will contact you and check together the existence of the conditions for opening a product return and / or replacement procedure.

As an alternative to sending the form above, the customer can use the contact form by selecting the item “Open a complaint” and send a report in which they should indicate*:

  • Customer company name
  • Client code
  • Name and surname of the contact person
  • Telephone and mobile phone of the company and of the contact person
  • DDT number and date (Transport Document)
  • Order number and date
  • Detailed description of the reason for the report / complaint
Please note: the email must contain all the required elements, otherwise the Waterfitters staff will not be able to take care of your request.

In any case, it is always possible to contact us directly at +39 346 8194316.