The definition of the wide range of products offered by Waterfitters responds to the needs of handling and regulating the flow of liquids within both civil and industrial plants . We continuously select a wide range of hydraulic pumps, valves, fittings, connecting pipes, management and control instruments and any other products that could be useful for installers and maintenance technicians . We try to provide complete technical information for each product, always updated and easy to consult.

Our goal is to offer a complete product catalog , constantly updated with what is new on the market and which allows the customer, thanks to its interactivity , to identify with safety and certainty what he needs, without being forced to leaf through pages and pages. of catalogs or to visit different websites.

Below you will find links to our products, divided by category. You will find all the technical information you need, do not hesitate. For more information you can write us to or use OUR CONTACT FORM