Submersible pumps

Submersible electric pumps: types and uses.

To draw water from a well or empty flooded rooms, the solution is submerged electric pumps. It is possible to distinguish them into two large families: submersible pumps for clear water and those for dark or dirty water, that is, water that contains impurities. As for all pumps, also in the case of submersible electric pumps the main parameters to be taken into account are the flow rate and the head.

When it comes to withdrawing water from considerable depths, as in the case of wells, multistage immersion pumps are used, that is, equipped with several impellers. An important aspect to consider, when it comes to choosing a submersible pump, are the materials that must be resistant and of quality.

How submersible pumps work.

Submersible electric pumps generally work with a float. By measuring the liquid level, it is the float that causes the pump to start and prevents dry restart.
The engine represents a fundamental component, which must guarantee extremely high reliability requirements to limit maintenance and replacement activities.

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