Who we are


Waterfitters was born from the many years of experience of a group of people who have been working for years in the production and sale of Hydraulic Valves, Electric Pumps, Pumping Systems, Electric Motors, Electrical Devices, Detectors and Sensors, Equipment for installers, Structures for supporting heavy loads and much more. If you want more information, do not hesitate to Contact us.

We sell technical products for liquid handling in both civil and industrial sectors. Our goal is to exploit the technical and commercial knowledge accumulated over the years to create and make available to professionals in the sector an innovative digital channel that, unlike other e-commerce platforms on the market, can facilitate and help them in choosing the most suitable product for their needs.

chi siamo - waterfitters

Through quick and intuitive selection tools, complete and constantly updated technical information, a wide and selected range of products, we are able to meet the different needs of our customers. Suppliers and partners with whom we have been collaborating for years, are in daily contact with our team of experts to think about high quality products and solutions.