Electric devices

Control panels and flow switches: the electronic core of the pumps.

How to manage the starting and stopping of a pump? How to check its operation?

The solutions are electrical devices, which guarantee both the efficiency of the pump and the hydraulic system, and protection against any problems that might occur.

The electrical command and control panels are used to determine the starting and stopping of the pump according to the intended use, ensuring pumping for the necessary times and protecting the pump from dry running. Dry running is very dangerous for the pump as some parts could overheat and be damaged when running in the absence of liquid. The automatic stop of the pump when there is no liquid inside is therefore essential. The control panels also have an important function in amperometric protection, that is, in protecting the pump from possible overloads.

Pressure flow switches are devices used to determine the stop and start of the pump when the pressure changes, based on an established range. In the case of diaphragm pressure switches, it is the movement of the latter that activates the contact.

The pressure flow switches, thanks to flow and pressure sensors, electronically detect the pressure and flow of a system, thus guaranteeing perfect functionality. The electronic flow switch, as well as a pressure control tool so that this is always in line with the user's request, also serves to protect the pump from dry running.

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