The portal provides for the possibility of using four payment methods, three of which are standard accessible to all users. All three of the following prepayments will generate an order discount at the checkout:

  1. Credit Card (-2% discount)
  2. PayPal (-2% discount)
  3. Bank transfer (-4% discount)
PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD is possible on the PayPal site where you will be redirected at the time of order confirmation. Once you have landed on the PayPal site you can choose the desired one of the two payment methods proposed (see example below):
PayPal payment schema

must be made within 3 days from the date of order to the following bank account:
        IBAN: IT66P0100560530000000003448
        INTESTATO A: Mondeo Srl

There is also a fourth payment method which is subject to approval by the company. This is activated, except in special cases, for those regular customers with whom a relationship of trust has been established over time. Below are the terms for requesting the activation of an operating credit line.


We give our regular customers and with whom we have established a relationship of mutual trust the possibility of requesting deferred payment methods. This credit request can be made directly from the account area of the portal in the "Personal Information" section by entering your IBAN. Once the request has been sent, the Waterfitters staff will take charge and evaluate your request.

You will receive a reply within a short time and, if so, you will be notified of the new terms of the operating credit. At this point the system will activate a new payment method at checkout called "AS PER AGREEMENT" which, if selected, will apply the new payment terms agreed.

We remind you that in case of use of the credit line, the 2% discount will NOT be applied to the order provided for advance payments.