Submersible drainage pumps

Submersible pumps are the solution for draining clear and dirty water.

Submersible drainage pumps are electric pumps designed for lifting water that work even if partially submerged and are therefore ideal for emptying tanks, flooded rooms or construction sites. They can also be used for irrigation and water withdrawal from rainwater collection tanks or waterways.

When choosing a submersible drainage pump it is important to take into account the performance parameters, i.e. head and flow rate. There is, however, another even more important aspect to consider: the type of liquid to drain. In fact, drainage pumps are divided into pumps for clear water or pumps for dirty water, as the type of liquid to be drained requires different construction characteristics.
When we talk about clear water we mean rainwater or the water of the swimming pool and the water system, or water that is not dirty and without suspended solid residue. Dirty waters, on the other hand, are those of ditches and wells, in general waters with impurities and more difficult to move. 

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