Condensate removal

Condensate drainage pump: an ally in high-performance boilers and air conditioning systems.

Condensate drainage pumps are used in condensing boilers or air conditioning units to eliminate condensation water. When it comes to choosing a condensate drainage pump there are several requirements to consider:

  • power or the ability to evacuate condensate in high-efficiency boilers or domestic air conditioners, but also in large air-conditioning and cooling systems or in boilers for large rooms;
  • ease of installation, maintenance and cleaning;
  • adaptability to installation spaces, which are sometimes difficult or restricted. Condensate drainage pumps must adapt to be applied to air conditioning units of any type, on the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling. In some cases, moreover, it is also important to consider the aesthetics and therefore be able to have a condensate drainage pump able to fit harmoniously in the room;
  • silent operation, for optimal comfort.
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