A pool robot: top-notch cleaning! Features, functionalities, and tips.

Pool cleaning robots ensure maximum hygiene, ease of use and maintenance, and significant time savings.

  • The pool requires constant and thorough cleaning;
  • Pool cleaning robots are a valuable ally that saves time and effort while ensuring high levels of hygiene;
  • Brushing, scrubbing, and vacuuming are combined into a single operation;
  • The ready-to-use technology and wireless operation make pool robots extremely practical and safe.
Many people have chosen to equip themselves with a pool robot. The spread of robotics in the world of cleaning is now a fact, and pool cleaning systems are no exception. Certainly, the phenomenon is favored by the advantages that robotization offers in terms of efficiency, safety, and cost management. In short, robotic cleaning machines are becoming more widespread and represent a valuable ally that allows us to save time and effort while providing superior quality and efficiency.
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It is well known that the more technologies evolve, the more accessible they become to everyone. This means that some solutions, initially considered niche or reserved for specific fields, become the first choice instead.

Automatic pool cleaning versus manual cleaning: the advantages of a pool cleaning robot.

There are many good reasons to choose a pool cleaning robot.
First and foremost, pool cleaning must be a constant and well-planned practice. For this reason, the possibility of automating some procedures can make everything easier.
Imagine having to manually carry out the various operations. Armed with a net and a telescopic pole, you start from the water surface to remove leaves and debris. Next, you move on to the actual cleaning of the pool floor and walls. Here the operation becomes more complex: it is essential, in order not to alter the correct pH of the water, that this step is done very carefully and at least three times a week.
Cleaning the pool floor and walls manually requires the use of specific brushes and detergents to be applied with great care in every section and corner of the pool.
But that's not all. Once this part is completed, it is necessary to vacuum the removed debris that tends to accumulate on the pool floor. How to do it? Naturally, you need a vacuum, which can also be automatic or manual suction. In the latter case, the system is more economical but also more time-consuming in terms of pool cleaning.
And if all this were instead entrusted to a pool cleaning robot?
It is clear that using automatic systems designed specifically to simplify cleaning operations, we will have more time to relax stress-free in a crystal-clear pool. The only task is to choose the pool cleaning robot that best suits our needs.

The features of a pool robot.

Today, very light and compact pool robots are available, easy to use and clean. Usually, these are versatile models, suitable for all types of pools and effectively covering all standard sizes.
The pool robot is equipped with a roller and brushes for optimal cleaning and a spacious and easy-to-empty compartment for collecting debris and impurities.
The pool cleaning robot is also a very safe system. It is equipped with a water sensor that activates the device only when it comes into contact with water. Once submerged, the robot moves over all surfaces, and if it encounters an obstacle in its path, it restarts thanks to the stop&go system. The cleaning path is also adjustable to optimize operations.
If the use of these automatic systems has revolutionized pool treatment, the arrival of cordless cleaning robots has represented a further step forward. Battery-powered pool cleaning robots have significant advantages. In addition to ensuring excellent autonomy and duration, cordless models are safer and keep the space free from clutter. In short, they bring all the convenience of plug-and-play technology to the pool. The robots combine brushing and vacuuming and do not need to be connected to the filtration system but are ready to use as soon as they are immersed in water.

Some tips for pool cleaning.

It is important to remember that the pH of the water is the main parameter that indicates whether the pool environment is clean and safe. Therefore, it is essential to monitor it constantly and adjust it with the appropriate chemicals, such as chlorine, properly dosing the amount.
Additionally, to reduce the entry of debris, it may be effective to consider using a cover, especially if the pool is not used for several days or in case of bad weather.