Look for the lemon... come and visit us! here is the funny gadget for our customers

Here is the Water Fitters gadget for MCE 2022 Fair Expocomfort: original, organic and... funny.

This is our first trade show and we looked for a different way to communicate what we are and do.
We thought of a nice, cool, eco-friendly, sustainable gadget that would make an impact, be remembered and associated with our Water Fitters brand.
So one Saturday morning we prototyped a small gadget for our customers: an organic Ribera lemon that we personalized Water fitters

immagine Water Fitters per la fiera MCE Expocomfort

We have been live for just over a month and this fair had not been planned but ... we were given the opportunity to be there and we got busy.
We made all the materials in a short time: brochure, sticker, pen, gadget.

Now we are ready! We look forward to seeing you in large numbers...look for the lemon and you will find us!