AQUA SMART45: the innovative energy-efficient and easy-to-implement pumping system.

AQUA SMART45 is a hydraulic pump with a permanent magnet motor and variable speed, a true surface pumping system capable of maintaining a constant delivery pressure and reducing energy consumption by 50% compared to traditional motors.

This pump represents a complete novelty in the hydraulic panorama not only because of its high performance and high degree of reliability but also because it is able to guarantee considerable energy savings compared to traditional pumping systems.

Why is it so innovative pumping system?

The more important elements of this automatic hydraulic pumpAQUA SMART45 that make it a highly innovative product derive from careful design, from the very high quality standards of the materials used and from the manufacturer's strong sensitivity to environmental protection issues.

If we had to identify the top five features of AQUA SMART45 we would certainly refer to:
  1. HIGH EFFICIENCY achieved thanks to a permanent magnet motor;
  2. VARIABLE SPEED and CONSTANT PRESSURE: it is called an "intelligent" pump, because it varies the speed of the motor according to the demand for water with default pressure set at 3 bar;
  3. FLEXIBILITY as it can pump water up to a temperature of 80°C thanks to an air-cooled motor;
  4. ECO-FRIENDLY because it reduces consumption by more than 50% compared to more traditional pumping systems;
  5. SILENCE generated by suitable materials and the optimised hydraulic structure.
The AQUA SMART45 automatic hydraulic pump connects to the building's hydraulic system and to the public main network or, if present, to water collection tanks that can compensate for pressure drops in the public network (see image below).

sistema di pompaggio Aqua Smart45  by Aquastrong | Water Fitters

Use and Applications.

The energy-saving AQUA SMART45 water pump can have many different uses, but it is particularly suitable in small and medium-sized residential and commercial areas. Equipped with a digitised control panel when it is connected to the mains, it can be started up in 'AUTO' mode in just a few seconds and, thanks to its pre-set calibration at 3 bar pressure, is absolutely capable of being activated in just a few seconds. However, the delivery pressure of the hydraulic circuit can be changed directly on the control panel by pressing the '+' or '-' buttons and setting them in a range between 1.5 and 4.5 bar as required (see image below).

Aqua Smart45 esempio applicazione | Water Fitters

AQUA SMART45 surface pumping systems have the following certifications:
  • RoHS NPS environmental certification 2011/65/EU
  • REACH NPS regulation CE 1907/2006
  • CE in terms of EU requirements
  • TÜV-GS in terms of safety
Attention to energy saving is one of its main features: taken into consideration right from the design phase and thanks to the presence of an inverter, the AQUA SMART45 automatic hydraulic pump only uses the amount of energy necessary to guarantee the required quantity of water at the set delivery pressure, thus generating considerable savings compared totraditional pumping systems (see image below).

AQUA SMART45 performance graph and energy savings | Water Fitters

For more information and details on surface pumping systems AQUA SMART45 please refer to the data sheets of the single products. Thank you for your attention.

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