Electronic level regulators: tech features, types and applications.

Electronic level switches are designed to control liquid levels by electronic probes and allow the delay time for starting up and shutting down an electric pump to be set according to usage requirements.

There are different types of electronic level switches and the difference lies in the nature and type of sensor that activates or switches off the operation of the hydraulic pump.

Electronic floor level regulators.

The CRAB electronic level switch rests on a flat surface, usually the floor or the bottom of a collection tank or a well, and thanks to the sensors placed on the base it detects the presence of liquids (1) and therefore activates the switching on of the hydraulic pump (2). The start-up of the electric pump, thanks to the magnetic key supplied, can be immediate or delayed as required. Once the liquid level has dropped (3) and the sensors on the base no longer detect it, the CRAB electronic level switch stops the hydraulic pump (4). Normally, both the switch-on and switch-off phases of the hydraulic pump occur with a delay of 5" the former, 30" the latter, in order to allow the liquid to be drained from the system. The CRAB electronic level regulator can be used with pumps capable of sucking water up to 2 mm. from the support surface.
Funzionamento del regolatore di livello elettronico CRAB | Water Fitters
It is also possible to directly connect the hydraulic pump to the electronic floor level regulator through the application of a SCHUKO PIGGYBACK PLUG (see image below) without the need for a dedicated electrical panel. This allows for a quick and easy installation of the electronic level switch without the need for experts to set up and certify the system.
This model of electronic level regulator is used in clear water as well as in turbid water, industrial and chemical water systems.

CRAB regolatore di livello elettronico funzionamento con spina schuko | Water Fitters

Electronic float level switches.

It may be the case that the electronic level regulator needs to control different liquid levels to meet customer requirements or because the level switch simply cannot be placed on the floor, at the base of the collection tank or well. In all these cases, the SNAKE electronic level switch can come to the rescue.
In combination with TAURUS LEVEL SWITCHES or LEVEL PROBES, it is possible to install the control body at very long distances from the working area. As with the CRAB model, the magnetic key supplied with this SNAKE model allows you to set an immediate or delayed switch-on of the hydraulic pump.
In general, the SNAKE electronic level regulator is connected to two TAURUS FLOATS or three LEVEL PROBES (see the image below with COM for ground, MIN for minimum level and MAX for the maximum level the liquid can reach).

Funzionamento del regolatore elettronico di livello SNAKE | Water Fitters

In these cases, the level switch controls the liquid level between the minimum and maximum level, i.e. the system switches the hydraulic pump on when the water reaches the defined maximum level and switches it off when the liquid reaches the set minimum level (see image below).
Regolatore di livello elettronico SNAKE con sonde di livello | Water Fitters

This model of switch or level regulator is also used in systems for handling clear, turbid, industrial or chemical water.
As with the CRAB floor sensor level regulator, the SNAKE electronic level regulator can also be connected to a hydraulic pump via a SCHUKO PIGGYBACK PLUG.

Electronic level regulators for confined spaces and turbulent water.

The operation of SPIDER electronic level regulators with rod sensors is quite similar to those with LEVEL PROBES. The only difference is that the sensors are placed in rigid rods.
Spider electronic regulator | Water Fitters
The SPIDER electronic level regulator model finds application in hydraulic systems for the management of clear, black and industrial water or with dissolved chemicals, but is particularly suitable for environments with turbulent water or in very confined or difficult-to-access spaces. In this case it is in fact possible, by means of flanged supports or  stainless steel or polyester fixing brackets, to insert only the rigid rods with the sensors into the working area. As with the other CRAB and SNAKE electronic level regulators, a hydraulic pump can be connected to the SPIDER electronic level switch by means of a SCHUKO PIGGYBACK PLUG.

Funzionamento del regolatore elettronico di livello SPIDER | Water Fitters
As the CRAB and SNAKE models, the SPIDER level switch allows you to delay the start-up and shut-down of the water pump according to your requirements.
For further information and details on Water Fitters level regulators or switches and the respective type of offer, please refer to the technical data sheets of the products.

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