NEW DUAL HS multifunctional hydraulic separator: take care of your heating system

NEW DUAL HS hydraulic separator: minimizing interference between hydraulic circuits.

The NEW DUAL HS multifunctional hydraulic separator is a product that can cope with the anomalies and variations in flow rate and head often found in heating systems. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, it generates less heat loss than traditional ones made of simple steel and thus contributes to better efficiency of the plumbing and heating system.

But let's try to understand what hydraulic separators are used for and how they work. In general, the function of hydraulic separators is to make the various circuits in a hydraulic system independent (i.e., separate). "Separating" the circuits serves to prevent the occurrence of interference and disturbances caused by the mutual flows generated by the different pumps that can be activated. For example, let's think of a hydraulic system in which several pumps are activated at different times: the turning on of the single pump certainly goes to affect the flows of the others causing various inconveniences such as: reduction of the flow rate required by the individual pumps, hot radiators when the pumps are stopped due to reverse currents generated by the other active pumps, and in the worst cases even the burning of the hydraulic pumps themselves.

It is precisely at this point that the hydraulic separator comes into play, created specifically to solve these kinds of problems. In particular, the NEW DUAL HS multifunctional separator not only makes the connected hydraulic circuits independent, but also allows the elimination of air bubbles through a relief valve and also allows the separation and collection of impurities in the circuits through internal filters.

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