Silen S2: quality and ease of assembly of the ESPA swimming pool pump.

Silen S2 by ESPA: the ultra-silent pool pump.

The Silen S2 is an innovatively designed, self-aspirated single-cell centrifugal pump manufactured by ESPA, a multinational company specializing in the design and production of water pumps. Designed for water recirculation in residential or public swimming pools, ESPA's Silen S2 shares the same dimensions with its predecessor model and is therefore absolutely interchangeable.

One of the main and most appreciated features of ESPA's Silen S2 self-priming recirculation pump is its ultra-quiet operation, making it one of the most popular pool pumps on the market. Available in 10 models with various power ratings, it is made in single-phase and three-phase versions.

Silen S2 Espa | Water Fitters

But what are the elements to consider when choosing a pool pump?
There can be several characteristics to consider, but among the main factors to be considered we list two: PREVALENCE and flow rate. The former is a physical quantity that can be simplistically defined as the maximum height to which a pump can push water relative to the point from which the water is drawn or relative to the point where the pump itself is located (it is normally measured in water column meters: mca). The FLOW, on the other hand, represents the volume of liquid conveyed into the pump mouth in the unit of time (normally measured in l/min or m³/h ).
Very often much importance is given to the latter, but in reality flow rate and head must be properly evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Then there are other very important aspects to take into account such as the type and size of the pool because the volume of water to be filtered depends on these. In short, choosing the appropriate pump for a swimming pool requires experience and professional knowledge of the field, therefore, our advice is to rely on a specialist.

In this video you can see the ease of disassembly of a SilenS2 hydraulic pool pump, which is a very important feature when cleaning and maintenance:

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