TECH-PAC tool backpack: technology, resistance and comfort.

What do we look for in a work backpack? Practicality, quality and space organization.

The Veto Pro Pac Tech Series work bag is a real work companion: it provides you with organization of your tools, it is comfortable and with a weight relief system, it is sturdy and of high quality. In other words, with VETO PRO PAC TECH you will be able to optimize your work time and devote yourself to your repair or installation task in the best possible way. Compact and complete, it has everything you can expect from a convenient and organized work bag: patented center panel, sturdy YKK Zippers from Japan, durable construction materials (1200-1800 D PVC-impregnated Fabric), waterproof and stable base that keeps tools dry and ready to use even in the most extreme conditions.

Veto Pro Pac Tech | Water Fitters

With 56 interior and exterior pockets and an advanced center panel design, VETO PRO PAC TECH has two storage compartments with ample space for hand tools, gauges and even a compact cordless drill, as well as smaller tools and accessories. It also includes internal and external D-rings, extensions for drills and spaces of various sizes, and quick-access external pockets for drill extensions and small items.

The Tech Pack follows the huge success of the first small tool bag developed by VETO PRO PAC for service technicians. In fact, many customers have been clamoring for a larger, more comprehensive bag that would also accommodate larger, long-stemmed tools. The VETO PRO TECH PAC tool backpack is the result of all these considerations and offers technicians, installers, or service technicians the best the market has to offer today.

For more information about the product and to go into more detail about the backpack's features watch this video presentation made by insiders. Enjoy viewing!