The Little Giant APCP 1700 automatic hydraulic pump: an advanced solution for draining swimming pool covers.

As technology evolves, automatic pumps are becoming indispensable for simplifying everyday tasks, and the Little Giant APCP 1700 stands out as a leading solution for efficient drainage of pool covers.

In this post, we will explore an automatic pump, focusing on the features and usefulness of the Little Giant APCP 1700 and attempting to highlight the operation and features, usefulness and applications as well as the benefits derived from these hydraulic pumps for swimming pool.

Operation and features of the Little Giant APCP 1700 automatic pump.

Automatic pool cover drainage pumps, among which the Little Giant APCP 1700 stands out, operate using an intelligent design, a high degree of lightness and advanced features. This pump is equipped with water mechanical float that automatically activate the device when the level reaches a critical threshold. The power of the hydraulic pump enables the rapid removal of accumulated water, ensuring that pool covers are kept dry and in top condition.

Utilities and applications of the Little Giant APCP 1700 automatic pump.

The usefulness of automatic pumps extends beyond draining pool covers. The versatility of the Little Giant APCP 1700 makes it suitable for a variety of applications. In fact, these pumps are also effective in draining any outdoor area prone to rainwater accumulation. The automation of the process saves users time and energy by eliminating the need to constantly monitor water levels. Their usefulness generally extends to the drainage of limited amounts of rainwater and thanks to a collection pipe they contribute to environmental sustainability e.g. by recovering rainwater for gardens.


Investing in the Little Giant APCP 1700 automatic pump offers a number of tangible benefits. Its operational efficiency minimises the risk of damage caused by water accumulation, preserving pool covers and extending their lifespan. The ease of use and automation of the process means greater convenience for users, minimising manual intervention.
In addition, the versatility of the APCP 1700 makes it a practical solution for various drainage needs, offering flexibility in different situations. Investing in a quality automatic pump such as this not only improves water management, but is also a step towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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