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The Mini Lime Silent+ pump is a revolutionary "ALL IN ONE" system consisting of a one-piece pump concealed in the corner of the ducting and includes numerous features to create an effectively silent system. Perfect for use in offices and meeting rooms. (Also available in a 'pump only' configuration with code FP3322/3).
It has an anti-vibration damper and integrated sound-absorbing materials that make it absolutely silent.  Thanks to the quick-release reservoir, the pump can be commissioned on site, while the reservoir's LED system allows you to check its operation. 

Package includes:
  • Silent+ Mini Lime pump (including 1.5m hard wired power cable)
  • Anti-vibration pulse damper, anti-siphon device
  • 500mm Lime green inlet hose 14mm ID
  • 40mm Vinyl breather tube 6mm ID
  • Elbow front and back
  • 800mm Conduit front and back
  • Internal conduit sleeve (Option 1 Slimline system only)
  • Gasket (Option 1 Slimline, Option 2 and Option 3 Inoac systems only)
  • Ceiling plate
  • Drain connector kit
  • Fixing kit
  • Install manual

Key Features

Max. Flow 12 l/h @ 0m head
Power supply 230V AC - 0,1A
Db (A) @ 1 mt. 20
Max. Water Temp. 40°C
Discharge tube 6 mm.


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