Hydraulic valve 6VRFL: the optimal solution to prevent the "return" of liquids.

The check valve is generally born with a very specific purpose: to control the flow of a liquid within a pipeline by allowing it to flow in only one direction, avoiding the phenomenon that is called "backflow".

When to use the check valve 6VRFL by Mondeo

The 6VRFL check valve has an in-line ball shut-off system and is generally designed to regulate the flow of dense and dirty liquids, such as sewage, or with the presence within them of solids and suspended elements. The opening or closing of the 6VRFL valve is very simple (and therefore does not require special maintenance over time): under normal working conditions the ball is pushed by the pressure of the liquid to a non-obstructing position thus allowing the liquid to flow freely, however, when the pressure decreases or the liquid undergoes a reversal of direction the ball returns to its resting place, blocking the backflow of the liquid.

The spherical ball valve plug can be made of metal or resin, a material that is well suited for a hermetic closure, and lined with NBR. Connections are female threaded according to UNI ISO 228 specification, a standard that determines requirements for thread form, dimensions and tolerances.

Below is a section of an inline flanged ball check valve useful for understanding operation in the case of normal flow (open valve allowing fluid to pass through, see image at left) or backflow (closed valve preventing fluid from passing through, see image at right).

Valvola di non ritorno in linea a palla 6VRFL | Mondeo

What characterizes the 6VRFL check valve

As for the technical features, you can learn more about it at this product data sheet link however, here we would like to draw attention to some functional elements that make this check valve particularly useful:

  1. It is made of cast iron and is given a painting surface treatment that extends its life even in a fully submerged situation such as in the case of installation in drainage and sumps;
  2. It can be easily opened and inspected thanks to the presence of two small bolts and nuts that, when removed, allow the valve to be opened and easily cleaned if there should be solids obstructing the passage of liquid
  3. Operating temperature: the 6VRFL, thanks to its high quality and construction standards, can be used in environments from -10°C to +80°C
  4. Installation: it can be applied in pipelines in both vertical and horizontal positions.
Finally, we specify that the inline ball check valve 6VRFL by Mondeo also has a flanged version (model code 6VRFL-F). Below are pictures of the two versions of the product:

Valvola di non ritorno a palla 6VRFL | Mondeo

Applications of the check valve 6VRFL and 6VRFL-F by Mondeo

The applications of the 6VRFL and 6VRFL-F in-line ball check valves can have different applications but they are particularly suitable in wastewater, sewage or liquid discharge systems with suspended solids, in civil and industrial installations where it is necessary to prevent fluid return.
In general the valves work at a nominal working pressure (PN) of 10 bar.

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