Mondeo acid neutralizer: an essential filter for condensing boilers.

The acid neutralizer is used to treat acidic condensate water created during operation of condensing boilers. Before their evacuation, it is necessary and recommended, although not mandatory, to make the condensate neutral and eliminate this acidity.

Why use the MONDEO condensing boiler acidifier

As everyone knows by now, common sense rule has directed industrial production solely towards gas boilers with condensing technology. As we have already written in another post, this type of boiler produces acidic condensate water during operation. The latter is generated because this type of boiler, which is very energy efficient, also recovers heat from the flue gas combustion fumes and, as it cools, condenses the water vapour in the air.

The condensation water produced is generally channelled into a collection tank and has an acid PH of 3.5-4.0, making it corrosive and dangerous for steel and copper pipes, fittings and valves of plumbing systems. It is good practice that all condensing systems be connected to a drainage system and it is precisely to avoid corrosion to the latter that it is advisable and recommended to neutralise the acidity (i.e. bring the PH towards a value between 5.5 - 6.5) of the condensate by installing an acidic condensate neutralising filter (see figure below).

Esempio applicazione filtro abbattitore di acidità by Mondeo | Water Fitters

Disposal of condensate water according to UNI 7129 of 2015

As mentioned above, condensing boilers must always be connected to a disposal system. The methods for correctly disposing of condensation boiler condensate water are:
1. into domestic sewage, i.e. by conveying it to the same drain as one of the sinks/sinks present
2. in white water, i.e. in the rainwater disposal system
3. into an underground sump, a system only suitable for isolated buildings without a sewerage system for waste water.

The latter is usually prohibited, except for dwellings not reached by the sewerage system (often isolated ones). Condensing boiler condensate water may not need any special treatment to be disposed of in the sewage system, however, the main problem with acidic condensate is its corrosiveness, which can cause damage to the drainage system.

Main features of the Mondeo acid condensate neutralising filter

Filter service life: 12 months
Maximum pressure rating (PN): 3 bar
Maximum operating temperature: 80° C
Connection type: threaded
Maximum flow rate: 2 l/h to 50 l/h
"Small" format: for boilers up to 70 kW
"Large" format: for boilers up to 500 kW.

* The service life of the acid condensate neutralising filter depends on the efficiency level of the boiler, which can affect the volume of condensate produced and the pH level.
For all other details and measurements of the acidity neutraliser for condensing boilers, we recommend reading the product data sheet. It is also possible to purchase only the replacement internal cartridges of the blaster at this link.
Filtro abbattitore acqua acida impianti idraulici | Water Fitters

Use of the Mondeo acid neutraliser

Thanks to its two formats, the acid condensate neutraliser can be used for condensing boilers installed in the residential sector (flats or villas) as well as in industrial and commercial sectors (small and medium-sized buildings).

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