World Water Day 2023: at Water Fitters we also play our part.

Those who design and build plumbing systems now have a duty more than ever to aim for maximum efficiency in order to waste less and less water and reduce energy consumption.

Why World Water Day.

World Water Day is about accelerating change to solve the global water crisis, Water affects us all, we all need to take action. Every single company, person family, school and community can make a difference by changing the way water is used, consumed and managed in our lives.

This is what we do at Water Fitters.

We don't want to spend unnecessary words but to raise awareness among those in our industry to take a step forward. At Water Fitters we have selected high quality and durable products precisely to ensure that our systems are as efficient as possible in terms of both energy and water use. But we have decided to go one step further by providing all our customers from today until 31 March 2023 with discounts from 10% to 20% on all our products.

World Water Day 2023 news | Water Fitters

We want to leave you with this ANCIENT PERUVIAN NOVEL, which we have already written about, but which we find very beautiful and instructive:

One day a fire broke out in the forest, and while all the animals were trying to get to safety, a little hummingbird kept on valouring back and forth, from the forest to the lake. All the larger animals laughed at him as he tried to put out the fire drop by drop. But the hummingbird simply replied:  " I am doing what I can."

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