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The MOUSE vertical float level switch allows the automation of pumps, as well as solenoid valves, alarm activation and motorised gate valves when a pre-set level of the liquid contained in tanks or cisterns is reached, and is capable of operating in confined spaces. It allows tripping levels to be adjusted by moving the float bodies along the shaft.
The MOUSE float switch is available with a 2, 5 or 10 metre electric cable and is suitable for operation with clean water without suspended solids.

Key Features

Cable H07 RN-F 4G1 diam. 9,7 mm
Casing Polypropylene
Function Emptying and refilling
Certification TUV Rheinland
Shaft PET - 200mm: min. 60mm (2,60in) – max. 120mm (5,19in)


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