Electronic control panel for 1 or 2 surface and submersible single-phase or 3-phase pumps.
Main technical features: settable electronic ammeter protection with assisted calibration, electronic minimum current control for dry running with assisted calibration, automatic periodic impeller release (2s run every 48h), automatic reset for minimum current alarm, extra-low voltage inputs for float or pressure switch, dry contact cumulative alarm outputs (COM-NO-NC resistive load - 5A / 250V), voltage cumulative alarm outputs (12Vdc / 100mA). Buttons AUTOMATIC-0-MANUAL

Key Features

Brand ESPA
Power supply type single-phase 230V ; three-phase 400V
Motor power P1 0.37 to 2kW 230V ; 0.55 to 11kW 400V
Framework construction technique electronic
Number of motors controlled 1 or 2
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